History of Company

Samdo Environment will challenge constantly as a global company to lead an environmental technology.

  • June. Livestock stench extractor _ on-going to obtain a certificate of NET. (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs)
  • June. Increasing capital of 50million won (capitalized at one hundred million won)
  • May. Venture business confirmation (Korea Technology Finance Corporation: No. 20170104938)
  • April. Patent registration “Plasma generator for agro-livestock by using resonant power actuator”
  • Feb.Design registration “Plasma ion generator”
  • Dec. Patent application “Plasma generator for agro-livestock by using resonant power actuator”
  • Dec. Patent application “Agro-livestock Sterilizing device and stench extractor”
  • Nov. developed a plasma generator for stable customized test product with third row (Brand: TOW-COOL)
  • Oct. Design and brand application “Plasma ion generator”
  • Sep.Samdo Environment Co., Ltd. ? established incorporation and proceeded business registration (CEO Jeong Unam)
  • Aug.developed our unique technology of livestock farming plasma generator by ceramic tube method
  • April. Developed first trial product by purchasing ozonizer with corona discharge type. Test: tested at Cheonwoo Farm
  • May.Trial test of existing plasma generator as a plate type in B company (Stable at Jangseong)
  • Feb. Trial operation test of existing plasma generator by A company (Farm at Muchangpo, Chungnam)
  • Oct. Plasma generator investigation and on-site survey to solve stench problem in stable (Cheonguk Farm)
  • July.Ammonia disposal by excrement from henhouse and recognition of sanitary control problem (Farm at Gimje, Cheonguk Farm)

Samdo Environment Co.,Ltd.
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